The Furtive 50, 2011: The Interviews

The Furtive 50, 2011: The Interviews

Todd Terje

The man has been on fire this year, with two tracks in the top five and already a contender for track of 2012 Terje Olsen is the man who can. whether it’s supreme edits or the smash, bang, whallop of each original release. Keep an eye on this boy, as we get the feeling you  haven't seen anything yet. A chance of overkill? Nor-way! 


What does Ragysh mean?

Ragysh is the potion that the Vikings drank to go beserk. Bonysh is the lotion they rubbed on their knees when they needed to come down again.


Is there any story behind how the track came about?

Ok, Matt Damon calls one day and says, “Listen Terje lately your tather and I”... Nah, that was another story, so... nope, no story.


When did you realise that the track was going to be big?

Never actually, I wasn’t planning on releasing it, as I didn’t really see that much potential in it. Gerd Janson at Running Back however did, he’s the main reason it came out. I’m glad he kept insisting, as it has opened up a few doors for me lately and now I’m also the poster boy of DJhistory, yay!


Tell us a story from the last twelve months?



Anything you regret from the last year?

Not taking more time off for my own music.


Can you name any other famous Todds?

Erm let me think, Todd Rundgren (he’s actually coming to Oslo in a few weeks), Todd Flanders, Todd Terry and Dr. Todd from Scrubs. 


Do you think that the world is going to end in 2012?

No. Would I promise my girlfriend to work out more if I knew the world was going to end? Would I promise to her to clean the house more often? Don’t think so. 


If the world does end in 2012 what would you like to hear being played at the end of the world party?

Richard Hewson Orchestra - What Shall We Do When The Disco’s Over. I remember hearing it on a mixtape from Balearic Mike many years ago. I fell asleep during the mix and had nightmares about dancing goblins when this tune came on. I imagine there will be dancing goblins when the world ends. 


What is going ot be big in Norway this year?

Real estate prices and Lutefisk sushi. (Nah).


Apart from your own what was your favourite track from 2011?

The Orange Place by Apiento! I’ve played this in all my gigs since I got it. It’s got this nice Tantra vibe to it, but luckily much slower. It’s a great track to start off with if you’re taking over from an ADHD 130 bpm hip house, sorry meant to say pop house, scratching, Billie Jean acappella, up-mashing DJ.


What plans do you have for next year?

Go to space, make an album and finally conquer a woman!




Mark E

It seems like he has been around for bloody ages, which makes it even weirder that it is less than six years since his epic re-work of Womack and Womack. Since then he’s been prolific, moving away from edits and releasing gem after original gem. His biggest regret is not playing the tune that brought us Michael Douglas wearing nothing but blue V-neck jumper and all he wants for Christmas in 2012 is to get his back catalogue on this very site. Pretty exciting stuff all round.


Is the track one of love lost, a hopeful booty call or something entirely different
I think Diana Ross needs to answer this one.


How did it end up that Dixon did a re-edit of it?

Dixon had been playing the original for a while , and asked if he could take the parts and do his own version. I think it’s more of a remix than an edit though.


Tell us a story from the last twelve months?

A guy in Miami told me how he had been playing my edit of Patti Labelle at a party which she was at and she went wild, but in a good way.


Furtive means secret, what’s the most furtive thing you’ve ever done?

I sampled Janet Jackson... there I said it!


What is the one thine that you must do in 2012?

Get the Merc back catalogue on DJhistory. Come on, will you have me?


If the world ends in 2012 what would you like to hear being played at the end of the world party?

Nomad’s ‘Devotion’ and that would be followed by ‘Money Don’t Matter Tonight’ by Prince.


Apart from your own what was your favourite track from 2011?

Lukatron’s ‘Revolution’ on Quintessential, I have to stop playing it, I can’t help myself, also an old one but always kills things is ‘Where Were You’ by Black Science Orchestra. Also Linkwood’s ‘Track One’ and Two, big tracks!


What do you regret most from the last year?

Not playing Latour's ‘Blue’ my first track at Garden Festival!


That’s the track playing in the club scene in Basic Instinct and it’s on Renaissance 2, you shold have played it!

I know, I should have played it. I played that Awade track instead, always kick myself about that... it would have been immense!




Lexx, real name Alex Storrer is one of Switzerland’s premier crate-diggers, producers and DJs. He’s fast becoming a bigger export than clocks, Toblerone's and cheese and played at one of our Low Life parties a couple of years back (obviously the biggest night of his life). We had a brief chat with him about how Night Flight came to light, drinking too much tequila and dancing to Depeche Mode at the end of the world rave up.


How did your edit of Quintus Project come about?

Credit goes to Alex Barck for finding this one during a digging session with my mate Adrian Hoenicke  (of Fingermag) in Berlin. Alex decided to reissue it and he asked me if I was up for doing a version.


So you weren’t aware of the track before?

No i'd never heard it until I got the file about a week after he found the tune!


Tell us a story from the past twelve months.

One of the most awkward moments last year was when about fifty policemen stormed the club Zukunft on a Friday night where I had just finished my warm up set for the Optimo guys. It took them three hours to search everyone inside and the entire club back to front. The amount of substances they found was ridiculously small but the night that was set to be so good was of course ruined.


What is going ot be big in Switzerland this year?



Furtive means secret, what’s the most furtive thing you have ever done?

It must be something that I did after drinking too much tequila. It’s so furtive that I can’t even remember a damn thing about it.


What is one thing you must you do in 2012?

Produce more music.


If the world ends in 2012 what would you like to hear being played at the end of the world party?

Depeche Mode ‘Enjoy The Silence’ (Hands And Feet mix), while dancing with my girlfriend of course!


Apart from your own what was your favourite track from 2011?

It's always hard to break it down to one single track especially since I listen to a lot of genres.


What do you regret most from last year?

No regrets except for mixing absolutely terribly when playing at disconotdisco in Belgrade.


The track is called Night Flight , what is your favourite airline and do you prefer night or daytime flights?

Swiss Air I guess and I normally fly during the day.



Interviews by Mark Treadwell for DJhistory.com.

This year's full Furtive 50 can be found right HERE

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