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Shop help

Please log in

If you're already a member of you should log in before you buy anything. This will speed up the checkout and make sure your music ends up in the right place. If you're new to the shop will create a new account for you automatically.



Our main page ( shows our LATEST releases.
You can also browse by LABEL, or GENRE, or ARTIST.
You can listen to sound clips of all our tracks.


To search for something just enter a keyword and select whether it’s a TITLE, ARTIST, LABEL or KEYWORD you’re looking for.

ADVANCED SEARCH lets you enter keywords in several categories at once, ie you could search for all Stevie Wonder tracks called Sex Farm on Warp.

File types

We sell everything as either WAV or MP3. Our MP3 files are all 320kbps. WAV files are CD quality. We charge a little bit more for WAVs because they’re bigger and better and cost more to keep in our digital cupboard.



Some things are only available as whole albums (ie you can’t buy single tracks off them). This is because of the terms of our licenses.
Some tracks are only available in certain territories. Again, this is due to licensing issues.


Card processing fee

We have to pay a processing fee on every transaction, so if you don’t spend much we actually lose money on the sale, so on orders that total less than £3 (inc VAT) we add a small charge (50p) to cover ourselves. Best thing is just to go back and buy something else. It’s all worth having.


For more details see our terms and conditions.



I’m having problems using the shop

You need to have cookies turned on

Our shop will only work if your browser is set to accept cookies. These are harmless little files that tell us what you’ve done on our site.

Our shop needs them to remember what’s in your shopping bag and stuff like that. So make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from 

In Explorer Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Edit

In Firefox Go to Firefox > Preferences > Privacy

In Safari Go to Safari > Preferences > Security

You can’t have your security settings too high

If your browser or computer or security software is really paranoid it might not be able to talk to our server properly.

Explorer Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and move the security level slider to the default or medium level.

Anti-virus/security software If you have the settings at their highest, it could cause problems. Try turning them down a bit.


Other browser things

Your browser should have JavaScript enabled.

If your computer is inside a tough company firewall it might cause problems.

You might have problems ordering from a non-standard computer, eg a games console.

Please tell us about glitches

Don’t keep it to yourself. There might be things we can fix or improve. Email us at


How can I pay?

You can pay using credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.


Is it secure?

All your personal data is encrypted so it can’t be intercepted when we send it to PayPal or to our payment gateway. We don’t retain any of your credit card details.


I’m having problems paying

We always put your card through right away, so if there’s a problem, you should know about it immediately. If your card is declined, you can go back and try a different one. If you continue having problems and you think your card should be OK, email us at


When will I be charged?

Credit and debit cards are charged when you press SUBMIT on the checkout page.

PayPal payments are taken when you press SUBMIT on the PayPal site.


Will my order be saved?

Yes. If you’re logged in, your shopping bag will be saved for a whole year. If you’re not logged in we’ll save it for a day.


Can I keep a wishlist?

We'll be adding this soon. For the moment you can save things in your shopping bag until you're ready to buy them.


Can I pay over the phone?

We're working on it.


Where’s the music I bought?

Once you’ve bought music from us you'll get an email receipt with a download link. Click on this and you'll get your tunes.


How do I download my music?

1. Open the email we sent you.

2. Click on the link.

3. Your browser will ask what you want to do with the file: open it (ie play it) or save it (ie download it).

4. Select SAVE. Your browser will ask where. Simplest place is your desktop.

5. The file will then download. Depending on your connection, this may take some time.

Single tracks will arrive as a single .wav or .mp3 file. Albums arrive in a ZIP file. To unzip this simply double-click on it. Almost all computers have an unzipping program built in, like Winzip for Windows or Stuffit Expander for Macs.


How many times can I download it?

The link is good for three downloads or 48 hours. After that it won't work. If you've tried three times or it's 48 hours after you bought your tracks and you still haven't managed to get your music, you'll have to get in touch with us so we can sort it out. Email


I didn't get an email

First, check your spam folder. Secondly, did you give us the right email address in the checkout? If not, the system will have set up a new account for you. Check any other email addresses you use. Still no email? drop us a line at Please give us all the information you can to help us get to the bottom of it.


Can I download my music without the email?

Yes. Log in, click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner, and then click on the ORDERS tab. This will show you a list of orders you've made with us. If you click on the relevant order you can see a copy of the receipt, complete with the link to download your music (provided it's within 48 hours of purchase).


The tracks I bought aren't there

If any of the files you bought are not showing up in the email we sent you, get in touch using


My download was interrupted

A brief interruption might not make any difference, so if the download resumes let it finish and see if it worked. You can keep trying. The system only lets you make three downloads, but unsuccessful ones shouldn't count.


I got given the wrong file

Your receipt shows exactly what music you’ve bought. If you’re absolutely 100% certain that the file(Drunk are different to what you bought, then please email us at and we’ll sort it out.


The music file won’t play

Maybe your file got corrupted during downloading.

Try downloading it again. Make sure you wait until the whole file has downloaded before you try to do anything with it.


Maybe the file itself is corrupted

There’s a tiny chance that the file on our server is corrupted. If you’ve tried downloading it more than once and there’s definitely a problem with the file, then please email us at and we’ll sort it out.


I don’t like the music I bought. Can I get a refund?

Don’t be daft.


I bought something physical (t-shirts etc)

When will it arrive?

We send orders out as soon as possible. In practice this means within 2 or 3 days of your order and always within a week, but there are only two of us and we're only human. We guarantee that stuff arrives within 30 days. If it’s been longer than that, email us at and we’ll sort it out. The most common explanation for late arrivals is that your parcel is waiting for you at the post office. So please check there first before you get in touch. We are always getting things returned undelivered because people didn't see the card from Postman Pat.


What’s your returns policy?

You can return things, for any reason, up to 7 working days after you receive them. You have to pay the postage. If we get them back as good as new we will give you a refund.

If something arrives damaged, or if it’s the wrong thing, send it back to us and we’ll either replace it or give you a refund. We’ll also refund the cost of posting it back to us.


For full details see our terms and conditions.



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Any problems, email and we'll get our team of elves on it.