Soviet Style

Soviet Style

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Wed, 20/03/2013 - 15:07
Interesting output from Solid Steel here:


"We welcome DJ Scientist with Solid Soviet Steel Radio (SSSR), a special guest mix that solely features music from the former Soviet Union. The dedicated record collector, DJ and Equinox record label owner from Berlin managed to unearth and put together an extensive and fascinating selection of tracks from countries like the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Russia and more, resulting in a unique musical adventure. The mix starts with a deep and slow psych part, coming up with more funk-laden Soviet grooves and killer instrumental breaks. Many of these groups managed to create their own kind of sound, mixing western styles like Jazz, Funk and Rock with traditional music from their own countries."

I rarely listen to Solid Steel nowadays but thought this may be of interest. Anything else of note (apart from Pavel of course...)?
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Wed, 20/03/2013 - 21:04
Funky stuff, don't like the little hip hop voice overs scattered throughout but would have assumed this would be of more interest to the DJH massive.

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