The Furtive 50: 2012

The Furtive 50: 2012

We’ve added up all the votes from the socially inept mass of bedroom DJs, closet record collectors and daytime-ravers that inhabit our forum and collated the top three sent to us by a whole slew of our favourite DJs and producers and a random selection of so-called mates, put them together and come up with our Furtive 50 for 2012. Yep, it’s right here where you find out who made the top three, who is bringing up the rear, your number one album and all those in between. Have a gander there’s nothing secret about this anymore.



1. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Smalltown Supersound)

It wouldn’t have taken much detective work to come to the conclusion that Terje Olsen would be 2012’s king of the sonic castle. While some jocks said it was too happy, those that didn’t, found themselves reaching for it whenever a disco crisis required averting. It was the record that found its way into more bags than Fagin’s fingers and on to more decks than a seaman’s sneakers.


2. Andres – New For U (La Vida)

There isn't much new about the components of this track; glorious strings, suave keys, a house beat and a disco sensibility. However you want to classify it, or analyse how it was put together it’s just an utterly brilliant piece of dance music.  


3. Soft Rocks - Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen mix) (ESP institute)

Three years on trot for Justin V and while most people were talking about the economy, the American elections and that woman who tried to restore the ancient picture of Jesus, we were just talking Jungle.


4. Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass rerub) (Expansion)

2011 what? There were loads of arguments about whether this could be included or not, well here it is. Amen to that.


5. FX Mchn – Jackie (London Housing Trust)

While it might be dedicated to a lady, you wouldn’t notice her on a dancefloor because you would have been too busy dancing.


6. Scott Fraser – A Life Of Silence (Timothy J Fairplay remix) (Bird Scarer)

Scott Fraser’s vow of silence was a complete failure judging by this. But Fairplay to him for at least giving it a try.


7. Idjut Boys – One For Kenny (Smalltown Supersound)

The Idjuts ode to the legend that was Kenny Hawkes, who sadly passed away in 2011. A worthy tribute it is too.


8. Jessie Ware – Running (Island)

Jessie is more ‘running tings’ than just running, proving that pop music, despite mostly sounding like a Commodore 64 loading up, isn't going any-Ware.


9. The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam remix) (Future Boogie)

Ron Basejam lights up this year’s top ten, while Future Boogie lead the way in the re-emergence of Bristol’s house music renaissance.   


10. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Baby (4AD)

Californian Ariel Pink continues his rise, leaving behind his lo-fi roots and conceiving this absolutely beautiful, bouncing baby. Sex as yet to be determined.


11. Crooked Man – Scum (Crooked Man)

Named after the ming-ming that you will need to clean off your feet when you’ve finished giving it the barry at some warehouse party.


12. Major Lazer – Get Free (Downtown Music)

Hands up who thought they would ever see a Major Lazer track on a DJhistory best of list? Nope thought not. We’re blaming Kelvin Andrews for this one. 


13. Kindness – SEOD (ZDAR dub) (Female Energy)

To quote one of our very well known DJ voters, “this just sounds so damn expensive.” Proof, if it was needed, that you don’t have to sing about the Benjamins to sound rich.


14. Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes (Environ)

Morgan Geist makes his yearly appearance in our chart proving that yet again, despite the title, he makes very few of them.


15. Jai Paul – Jasmine (XL)

From a bedroom somewhere in east London (where else?) came this slab of deepest, darkest, hipster R’n’B.


16. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve (Broadwalk)

If you went to Croatia last year then this would have been one of the soundtracks to your summer and it’s more stripped back than a bikini-clad girl on the Adriatic.


17. Andrew Ashong – Flowers (Sound Signature)

All girls like flowers and if anyone knows that it’s Andrew Ashong, that is because – unlike the rest of us – he has a girlfriend, not just a room full of records.


18. Rhye – The Fall (Maurice Fulton remix) (Innovative Leisure/Seven Four)

Standard Fulton, immense synth progressions, a breakdown that almost steals the whole show and a groove that comes close to the edge but never quite falls off.


19. Rune Lindbaek ft Kurt Maloo – Wonder (Drum Island)

A brilliantly looped up and dubbed out piece of wonk-filled-pop, the only wonder being how it only made it this high in the chart.


20. Sir Own - Hooked (Kon’s Nite Time remix) (Gold Finger)

Kon reinvented French keyboard wizzkid and Eurotrash extra (not true) Cerrone and came up with this sunshine smasher. 


21. Tom Trago – Use Me Again (Carl Craig re-work) (Rush Hour)

While saying that Tom used Carl would be wholly incorrect, though a Carl Craig remix is the sonic equivalent of FedEx and as always this arrives on time and with a whole load of love. 


22. Frank B – Chain Of Fools (Defected In The House)

Even if you made a chain out of one hundred fools, ultimately you would still end up with one hundred fools. Frank B wouldn’t be one of them though.


23. Quantic & Alice Russell – Look Around The Corner (Tru Thoughts)

If you dreamt Minnie Ripperton and 4Hero went on a honeymoon to Columbia and had an obviously brilliant and romantic time (no kidnapping) then it would have been soundtracked by this.


24. Phreek Plus One – La Spirale (Internasjonal)

Played on more boats than a sneaky game of spin the bottle below deck, this makes us think of sunshine and dancing like an utter bell.


25. Frak – Synthgök (Sex Tags Mania)

The Scandinavians are known for being very polite. This might just go some way to changing that stereotype


26. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui - Pacific House (L.I.E.S.)

When the ocean was flat and trestles wasn't grinding this is what the boys with year-round tans and bleached blond hair were doing. Good work lads.


27. The Backwoods - Cloud 9 (Stallions remix) (ESP Institute)

Ridiculously euphoric, then ridiculously hard, the Stallions emerged from the backwoods at much more than a canter.


28. Paranoid London – Paris Dub 1 (Paranoid London)

London was paranoid and Paris was dubbed and we were just loving this no matter how we were feeling.


29. Luminodisco - Diavolo Di Un Disco (Hell Yeah)

No idea what this means (maybe Fabio Fal over in our forum can translate)? One thing we do understand though is how brilliant this weirded out, percussive disco gem is.


30. Dara – Scribble Me This (Kleine Reise)

After the success of their Berlin party den, Dara and his cohorts started a label of the same name and came up with one of Bill’s records of the year.


31. Paqua – The Visitor (Claremont 56)

Another year and another blissed out Balearic beauty from the crew at Calremont 56. Either Mudd is the most chilled man alive, or he forever needs calming down. 


32. Joy Orbison – Ellipsis (Hinge Finger)

Modern British house music , it might be big, if not always clever but it’s ours and Joy Orbison continues to fly his very own flag, ooft!


33. Bepu N'Gali – I Travel To You (Todd Terje remix) (International Feel)

Terje sprinkles his magic dust all over Bepu N'Gali’s already excellent Nigerian afro-beat jam.  


34. Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (Gutterfunk)

Sounds like it was made in’86 the video looks like it was filmed in ’86 but it’s straight out of 2012. 


35. Locussolus – Telephone (International Feel)

2012 was the year that Harvey Bassett made his long awaited return to Blighty. The hype was so huge that he was forced to bring his own telephone. That doesn’t really make sense does it?


36. Young Marco – Video Days (ESP Institute)

Last year it was Video Games, this year it’s Video Days. Young Marco does all he can to emphasize the generation gap.


37. Fudge Fingas - Untytled (Firecracker)

Scotland’s Firecracker records end 2012 with a bang. A simple beat, a cow bell and then that mint bassline, it’ll leave you more disorientated than a catharine wheel.


38. Jokers Of The Scene – In Order To Trance (Hrdvision remix) (Fool's Gold)

This is the sort of rave music we like, it’s slow, we can’t keep up with all that 130bpm nonsense these days.  


39. Amirali – Beautiful World (Crosstown Rebels)

Amirali called this track ‘Beautiful World’. Which is ironic as you would never know if that is true as you would be too busy dancing in a basement to this.


40. Lone – Dream Girl (R&S)

The musical equivilant of Kelly LeBroc in Weird Science. And yes, we in DJhistory HQ do wear bras on our heads when we are listening to this.


41. Bicep – Vision Of Love (Feel My Bicep)

The boys behind the blog of the same name and contributors to our mystery mix series flexed their muscles with this ode to the New Jersey house sound.


42. Donald Fagen – Good Stuff (Reprise)

The former Steely Dan man is still knocking out tunes like this. Donald Fagen certainly does know the Good Stuff. 


43. Pollyn – Sometimes You Just Know (DJ Harvey remix) (Music!)

Sometimes you do just know that a track is going to be massive, the only question being would Harvey or Moodymann come out on top in the remix stakes? 


44. Mungolian Jetset – Smells Like Gasoline (Smalltown Supersound)

What happens when you leave two crazy Norwegians alone for ten minutes? This is what happens. Nobody light a match. 


45. Cat Power – Ruin (Matadore)

Chan Marshall seems to have finally got over her almost crippling shyness and is celebrating it by making an upbeat global romp of a track.


46. Ashley Beedle – Run The Track(Girls Music)

In a summer where all you heard was Chariots Of Fire, Ashley Beedle wins gold with his very own Olympic offering.


47. Daniel Avery – Need Electric (Phantasy Sound)

For many Daniel Avery was dance music’s man of the year. Here he gives away his secret to making electronic music.


48. George Fitzgerald – Child (Aus Music)

In a year that saw UK garage and a healthy dose of ’90s house stylings make a comeback, George Fitzgerald gave birth to this.


49. Jazzanova – I Human (Mike Huckaby Downtempo remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)

Mike Huckaby does what Mike Huckaby does best and that is just make everything smooth.


50. Secret Circuit – Jungle Dogs (Tiago remix) (Internasjonal Spesial)

Tiago tames the wild dogs of the jungle by leading them down the garden path, up a tree and round and round the secret circuit. 1-0 to Tiago then.





1. Land Of Light – Land Of Light (ESP Institute)

If you are a fan of swathes of sound, plucked guitars, Pacific drenched rhythms and the sound of wind blowing through palm trees whilst the ocean laps at the shore, then you either live in California or you voted for this and as such are partly responsible for getting this to number one. Either way, you have made the right choice. Neither Kyle or Jonny live in California but their album is made for those that have time to sit back and really listen, it's beautifully complex but simply brilliant.

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