Charles Webster Exclusive Interview


The first DJhistory remix album has just put on weight from 10 tracks originally to a whopping 20. All never-heard original disco, lovingly retouched by the world’s finest remixers. In 1979 the... more


A unique time capsule of the early years of hip hop and house, pulled from the super-collectible fanzine. 440 pages of fresh writing on dance music and clubbing in London Manchester and New York,... more


1989 was the year it all changed – when raving took the country by storm and British dance culture as we know it exploded into being. Gavin Watson's photos capture the revolution like no others... more

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  • What with these three countries currently being brought to their knees I thought I'd take a quick look this morning into...
  • IMO the greatest electronic dance musician of all time, simply because I love 99.9% of every single thing he's produced in...
  • Sunday morning here. Listening to some old records … Possible new thread (not sure if it has been done before on DJH?):...
  • Anyone going? Be interested to see the setlists. Cheers Matt x
  • Hey, looking for some good calypso music. Can anyone recommend their fav. ones? Cheers M.
  • Anyone know who did the Carrie Cleveland bootleg 7" (and where I can get one ;-p)?? PM me, thanks!
  • Not sure how many Beatles fanatics there are around these parts, but for anyone on the more obsessive end of the spectrum,...
  • anyone got a wav or 320 of this i can have? i want to play it this weekend but i can't find my vinyl copy.
  • Yes, he is German and he is our friend, even though he lives in Amsterdam. So far away, yet really quite near. ...

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